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las vegas, ganesha center, lee papa, healing, reiki, spirituality, science
las vegas, ganesha center, lee papa, healing, reiki, spirituality, science




About Paul Isensee

PaulPaul Isensee was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has lived in the Southwest for more than 25 years.  Paul started his entrepreneurial career after college, following in the footsteps of both sets of grandparents, who owned large companies. His first job was in management at Lord and Taylor in Chicago. After a year, he was promoted to Goldwater’s Department Store, a sister company in Phoenix, Arizona. Shortly thereafter, when Goldwater’s was taken over by May Company, Paul decided to branch out on his own.

Over the next 25 years, Paul owned, or partnered in a variety of businesses, from a high-end catering company, a lighting and interior design firm, an art gallery, and then a Real Estate Company.

Paul’s penchant for the creative process, his love of a good challenge and his cutting edge ideas keep him excited for the inspiring process of newly developed businesses and ideas.  Add to that his extraordinary skill for detail and Paul was ready for a new endeavor.

A Real Estate job in Las Vegas brought Paul together with Lee Papa, the founder of Ganesha Center, in 2007 while they were both in that industry. Paul’s passion for wellness and spirituality expanded his awareness and skill in this arena and provided him an understanding of the metaphysical world. This chapter in his life was taking him in a new direction that was perfect for putting his knowledge to good use.

Lee and Paul started their collaboration in 2008, and partnered shortly after. Within a couple of years, they went from two rooms in an executive suite, to over 6,000 square feet, with over 2,500 hundred members. In adding nutrition to the mix, Paul’s vast knowledge and education in food preparation, catering and retail made for a perfect transition when Ganesha Center’s new location incorporated a café and onsite nutritional therapist.

“As we dealt with many executives and owners of companies at Ganesha Center, and found out first- hand the amazing benefits of our treatments through extraordinary testimonies, the path toward corporate wellness was natural”, explained Paul.  “We were constantly looking for new ways to help clients, be it simple stress reduction, hypnotherapy, nutritional guidance, or even cutting-edge new thought, ancient wisdom and science based modalities.”

Always looking to the future and how to better serve, we saw the writing on the wall that corporations were ready to make the leap into understanding the benefits of wellness programs in the workplace.

We knew we could best serve this emerging market better than anyone with our customized approach and the importance we put on overall balance.  We know we now have all the tools, including a vetted, dedicated team of practitioners to support Corporate America, and make a difference.

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