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las vegas, ganesha center, lee papa, healing, reiki, spirituality, science
las vegas, ganesha center, lee papa, healing, reiki, spirituality, science

Change • Transform • Downtown

“With change comes transformation, be open to the possibilities.”
- Lee Papa -

Optimize Individual and Corporate Wellness for Success!

With over 4,000 individual classes executed and thousands of individual private sessions realized in 5 years, Ganesha Center is the visionaries’ choice for Mind – Body – Spirit wellness.

The ripple effect of assisting tens of thousands of individuals on their path to optimal health and overall well-being, brought Ganesha Center to transform its recognized expertise to the Community through the Holistic Referral Network, Corporate and Consulting arenas.

We accomplished this by converting the focus of a stand-alone, open 6 days a week wellness center, to assisting and empowering individuals and corporations in establishing that space for themselves – their “internal” center as well as accessing exceptional service providers in Las Vegas and soon to be around the country through the Holistic Referral Network (HRN). We additionally support this concept by offering free specially designed classes for the HRN by the network providers in our downtown location  We are excited to bring our energy to the already vibrant “new” downtown Las Vegas with our motto – CHANGE – TRANSFORM – DOWNTOWN.  With our extensive knowledge, partnership development and referral base, we are the ideal company to guide you to your wellness goals.

Our professional and time-developed approach to wellness has provided us with a robust tool belt of many modalities utilized for anything from relaxation and stress relief to health and spirituality.

With Ganesha Center, you have access to hundreds of vetted practitioners and instructors that are the best in their fields such as Sound Therapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Hypnosis, EFT, Team Building and many more.  We also have established partnerships with Naturopathic and Holistic Chiropractic doctors, among others.

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We researched and developed key alliances with top supplement companies such as leading experts in Herbology, Homeopathy and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
It is time to create the life for you and your business that you desire.  One of optimal health that is proactive, balanced and healthy, Mind, Body and Spirit.